Graffiti Dança

All I have done
All I have chosen
All the comfort I’ve offered to you
Is witness of your ingratitude

Come back to me
say goodbye to your pride
and I’ll rewrite our future
Such as I had prepared for us both

I know I didn’t deserve you
And the mistake I’ve fatally learned from
Was my mistake too
because I wasn’t able to change
How life has made me
Judging from the little I’ve seen
The little I haven’t lived
The life I wanted
has made me someone
Incapable of loving
Unable of seeing

come back to me
That’s what I’d been asking in vain
Until the day I felt your hand
Getting tired of saying goodbye

Seeing my grace again at my home
And my soul coming back
It was as if the sea opened
from under my floor
because you reappeared

Saying you have forgiven me
And that you’re even coming back
But you won’t let me
Treat you the way
I always did
Without love, respect
Feeling bigger
You showed me that the same
values that one gives
Is what I have to give
and I could not help
I learned to love,
Today we are equal and bigger too!

Production Arthur Tofani
Song Rodrigo EBA!
Arrangement Arthur Tofani
Voice Renato Spinosa
Clarinet, clarone and flute Diogo Maia
Violins Nikolay Iliev
Piano e Vibraphone Henrique Villas Boas
Guitar and bass Arthur Tofani